Buddy Discount

Buddy Discount: buy Saunas Save 10%

Buy Two Lux Saunas Far Infrared Saunas, Get an Additional 10% Off!

Save $700 $800 even $900! when you buy with a friend!


Call your friends, neighbors and relatives, because right now is the time to for helping everyone start the process of gaining ultimate health! This gift of health – Discounted!

I’ve heard it time and time again: “My neighbor came by and used my LuxSauna, and now they want one of their own as well”.

Now is your chance to team up with a friend and save 10% off your entire purchase means a savings of as much as $600.

How can I receive a 10% buddy discount?

Buy two or more saunas and automatically receive 10% off the purchase price, great infrared sauna discounts. Our shopping cart will automatically discount your purchase(s).

Buy 2 saunas for your gym or health club and you’re eligible for the BUDDY DISCOUNT as well!

Call us now at 888-301-9442 to find out more about this amazing discount opportunity and order your saunas today!

All of the Lux Saunas Far infrared Saunas are eligible for our fantastic Buddy DiscountGet together with a friend (or friends!) and order yours today

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 November 2011 18:26

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