Introducing FitBomb Far Infrared Sauna Kit

– the Complete Fitness Center & Spa infrared sauna kit – Heated with FitBomb exclusive Far Infrared Heating Technology, which produces deep heat penetration all the way to your bones – Sending HEALING BLOOD throughout your body.

This stimulates a series of HEALING FACTORS that you can get no where else… It’s Effective… It’s Safe … and Now, Its Affordable.
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If You Are Over 40, then this could be the most important - tool on the planet...

As we age –our muscles shrink – Up to 8% each decade in a process called sarcopenia.

A destructive effect that makes the simplest chores grueling.

Scientists have discovered a new protein that is proven to build muscle.

Incredibly – activating this protein is as easy as sitting in the new patent pending FitBomb This Explosive health and fitness tool makes it possible for anyone, regardless of age or physical limitations to

Grow muscles without pain or risk of injury
Reduce Pain and Inflammation
Burn fat – Burn calories and
Lose all the weight you want – and keep it off
Our Muscles Shrink – Up To 8% Each Decade
fitness-1“A Daily half hour sitting with 5-10 minutes using exercise bands; which is what is recommended – FitBomb infrared sauna kit creates an environment for Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Pain Elimination, Recovery Enhancement, Cardio Conditioning, you might burn up to 1500 calories while getting a bonus cardiovascular workout”!

Over 30,000 people have put their trust in Luxsauna.

sauna-fitness-2“Well, LuxSauna in house is kind of a lifesaver! Any time day or night, just turn in on, it increases your energy levels, It helps you calm down and relax, it soothes aching muscles. Other than air conditioner, the sauna is the next big thing! – Mark LittleJohn

sauna-fitness-3 “It is really a deep level of detox. Because the infra-red ray goes in and deeply activates all the organs, the liver and everything. My skin has got rosier and clearer and for so many reasons I felt so much better. It was very nice.  – Shanti Golds Cousens; Tree of Life

sauna-fitness-4What you told me about the infrared heat and excersing for just 5-minutes causing a sort of anabolic reaction seems to be – in all my amazement – True! –  Ken Wright


yes-try-it30-Day In-Home Trial Only $99.00 FREE SHIPPING TO YOU
Try the FitBomb in your home for a full 30 days and experience what it can do for you. If you’re not blown away by the quality and convinced by the results, simply send it back.

yes-try-it180-Days Same as Cash
No interest for 180 Days giving you a full six months to get the experience of a complete physical makeover.

yes-try-itMore Value
The benefits of an Infrared Sauna are well established. but the FitBomb ramps up those benefits to a new level. The Patent Pending features make your FitBomb a game changing tool – enahancing your life – For Life!

“The Most Powerful Tool in the World for – Super Explosive Health & Fitness Benefits

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Training DVD – Featuring Art Still – NFL Superstar demonstrating exercises using the Patented “D” rings and exercise bands – in addition to an 11-minute educational video.


Enjoy Deep Relaxation with our drop down AM/FM CD player with stereo quality speakers. Drops down to access controls and locks back up to keep the heat in.
Luxsauna Reviews for handicap fitness


Easy access Handicap Accessible – Bench slides back against the back wall – revealing an oversised room – enough to navigate a wheelchair, complete with hand rails.
FitBomb – “Time” Dimensions
FitBomb – “Atom” Dimensions

EASY TO USE! As simple as 1-2-3

Just 5-10 Minutes a Day to
Experience the Benefits!

 FitBombs Unique, Patent Pending features are built for results; this is finally a means for you to take total control of your health – your fitness level –  your energy level and (most evidently) your appearance.

Start warm – then 5-min per day exercise band routines are all you need.
Stop premature Aging in it’s tracks and take you and your families life to a new level…